Suzanne Koptur's Quilts

This is a fun page that I have been planning to make for years.  I have always loved fabric, sewing, and quilts, and love the history and variety of quilts from different places.  Now that I have made a few quilts of my own, and have a number of quilt tops still to be put together, seems like a good time to start documenting the history of my own quilt production.

My First Quilt - for JJ

JJ's sailboat quilt

Nancy's Quilt

Luba on Nancy's quilt

The Kitty Quilts -

Sam's and Mary Ann's

Mary Ann's kitty quilt

Paper Quilts for Teaching Ecology

Species Interaction Quilt

Quilters who have inspired me

still choosing a photo for this spot...

Quilt Artists I love

Stacy West self portrait detail