Prospective Doctoral Students

I will be accepting students in the coming academic year. However, it is important that students interested in working with me understand my areas of interest, mentorship style, and expectations of graduate students.

In turn, I am committed to training doctoral students who will be successful in the field. My mentorship style is one of collegality. I am always honest and straightforward about my expectations and concerns. I offer my doctoral students the freedom to formulate, implement, and promote their own creative research projects within the parameters of my grant funding. My graduate students also receive personalized mentorship since I maintain a relatively small research group. Finally, as the graduate director, I understand and can help navigate the administrative and bureaucratic barriers that often slow down students, giving you the time to focus on doing your best work.

If you are interested in my work and advising style then feel free to contact me. Please note that I am more likely to respond to well-written emails that indiciate the writer has reviewed my work, taken the time to check our
departmental admissions policies
, and pose questions specifically related to the potential for research collaboration and training at the graduate level.

This is a photo of my doctoral student, Shankar Adhikari, calibrating the Forward Tagger system in the newly completed CLAS12 spectrometer at Jefferson Lab.


  • dr. Rakhsha Nasseripour (2004)

    Dr. Nasseripour's 2004 dissertation was titled Measurement of single spin asymmetry and fifth structure function for the p( e&ar; ,e'K +)Λ reaction with CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer. She is currently a faculty member in the Departmemt of Mathematics & Science at Lake Land College.

  • Dr. Atilla
    Gonenc (2009)

    Dr. Atilla's dissertation Coherent Rho Meson Electroproduction off Deuteron was completed in 2009. Dr. Gonenc is currently a Assistant Physicist at Harvard Medical School and a neuroimaging physicist at McLean Imaging Center in the CCNC with training in multimodal neuroimaging technologies.

  • Dr. maryam Moteabbed (2009)

    Dr. Moteabbed's 2009 dissertation was titled A Precise Measurement of the Two-Photon Exchange Effect. She is currently an Assistant Physicist and Instructor at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Moteabbed's current work integrates physics and health outcomes.

  • dr. Marianna Gabrielyan (2012)

    Dr. Gabrielyan's dissertation was titled Measurement of the Induced Polarization of Lambda(1116) in Kaon Electroproduction with CLAS. She currently holds a Post Doctoral Research Position at the the University of Minnesota in the School of Physics and Astronomy. Dr. Gabrielyan's work primarily with the NOVA collaboration.

  • Dr. Diane Schott

    A Search for an Exotic Meson in the Gamma P to Delta-plus-plus Pi-minus Eta Reaction was the title of Dr. Schott's dissertation, which she complete in 2012. She completed a Post Doctoral Fellowship at George Washington University. Dr. Schott is now a Medical Physics Resident at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • Dr. Dipak Rimal

    As a doctoral student, Dr. Rimal analyzed data from the Two-Photon Exchange experiment conducted at the Jefferson Lab. He completed his dissertation in 2014; it was titled Proton Form Factor Puzzle and the Two Photon Exchange Experiment CLAS. He is a Post Doctoral Researcher at the University of Florida.
  • Dr. JASON Bono
    (2014- co Advisor)

    Dr. Jason Bono's disseration was co- directed by Dr. Lei Guo. The dissertation was titled First Time Measurements of Polarization Observables for the Charged Cascade Hyperon in Photoproduction. He is currently a researcher at the U.S. Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelorator Lab.