My current research focuses on the study of strange- particle electroproduction.
I am a co-spokesman on Jefferson Lab experiment E99-006 "Polarization observables in the 1H(e,e'K+)Lambda0 areaction". I am also a co-spokesman on another proposal being developed which will extend the current Hall B kaon- electroproduction program to 6 GeV.

These experiments use the CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer (CLAS).
The measurements will place constraints on the kaon and lambda magnetic form factors and will test models for the electromagnetic production of kaons. The experiments fill a gapping hole in the data base for such reactions.

This is a photo from my Post Doctoral research days at the Jefferson Lab.

Experimental Nuclear Physics

The Experimental Nuclear Physics Group at FIU brings together faculty and stduents to engage in research.

Our group consists of five faculty, post-doctoral associates, and a number of graduate and undergraduate students. The group's faculty members are on a number of experiments using electron and photon beams to study the internal structure of nuclei and nucleons.


Jefferson Lab Hall B

The bulk of my research efforts are focused at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab).

During the period of my postdoc position I was heavily involved with the design and construction of the Region 2 drift chambers for CLAS. Data taking with CLAS began in the fall 1997 and is now being analyzed by an army of researchers.


Møller Polarimeter

The FIU Experimental Nuclear Physics group recently assembled and commissioned the Møller Polarimeter for Jefferson Lab Hall B.

This device is used to measure the polarization of the electron beam entering Hall B.We are pushing this effort with lots of help from Arne Freyberger of Jefferson Lab. A number of undergraduates worked on this project as well.