Edited Special Issues

  1. Editor, Special Issue, Land journal: Water, Food and Energy Security in the Face of Human Disasters
  2. Editor, Special Issue, Land journal: Watershed Processes in the Face of  Dynamic Landscapes and Climate Change
  3. Editor, Special Issue, J. of Applied Remote Sensing Multitemporal Remote Sensing Data Processing and Applications
  4. 1. Editor, Special Issue with Water: Extreme Hydrology: Induced Impacts and Vulnerability of Water Resources
  5.  Editor, Special Issue with Sensors: Sensors in 2021
  6. Editor, Special Issue with Water: Drought Monitoring and Forecasting at Regional and Global Scale Using Remote Sensing, Ground Observations and Global Climate Datasets
  7. Editor, Special Issue, Remote Sensing journal: Geocomputation Using Remote Sensing Techniques Under Data-Scarcity Conditions
  8. Editor, Special Issue with  Water journal: Extreme Hydrology: Induced Impacts and Vulnerability of Water Resources
  9. Editor, Special Issue with Sensors Sensors: 20th Anniversary
  10. Editor, Special Issue, Sensors journal: Advances in Remote Sensors for Earth Observation and Modeling of Earth Processes
  11. Editor, Remote Sensing journal: Remote Sensing of Water Resources Monitoring, Parametrization and Modeling
  12. Editor, Special Issue, Sensors: 10 Years Sensors – A Decade of Publishing
  13.  Special Issue: Climate, weather and hydrology of East African  Highlands” part of the journal      Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS)
  14. Editor, Special issue: Climate change, land-use dynamics and ecohydrology of the Nile River basin, for Hydrological Processes
  15. Editor, Special Issue: Remote Sensing of Natural Resources and the Environment, Sensors
  16. Editor, Special Issue: Land Surface Fluxes, Remote Sensing
  17. Editor, Special Issue: Hydrologic System Analysis, Patterns, and Predictions for Arid and Semi-arid Environment, Water
  18. Editor, Special Issue: Sensors and Sensing in Water Quality Assessment and Monitoring, Sensors