Hydrological Modeling & Geospatial Applications Lab (HyMoGAL)

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The goals of the Hydrological Modeling & Geospatial Applications Lab are

  • Collect, process and analyze remotely-sensed and GIS data for environmental resources mapping, visualization and modeling
  • Develop methodologies for image analysis, interpretation and integration of the same to hydrologic models
  • Conduct land use/land cover change detection and scaling research and correlate the same to hydrologic responses, water quality, climate change and biogeochemical fluxes
  • Conduct and assist in ecohydrological research for southern Florida and southern America ecosystems
  • Establish joint projects with state, federal and regional scientist working on environmental and water resources problem of the region
  • Provide computational and professional assistance to graduate students in their research
  • Establish international collaboration with similar institutions and conduct joint research projects