Meet Dionne Stephens

Dr. Dionne Stephens is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology's Developmental Program at Florida International University

Originally from Toronto, I became a faculty member at Florida International University (FIU) after earning my doctorate in Human Development from The University of Georgia- Athens. My research examines the influence of cultural beliefs and experiences on various sexual health outcomes. The specific research questions I explore focus on socio-historical factors shaping minority populations’ sexual health processes, with emphasis on gender and ethnic/ racial identity development.

With an ultimate goal of reducing health disparities, my work both validates and centers the experiences of the populations I study. My program of research has examined such issues as cultures’ influence on sexually transmitted infections transmission (e.g. HPV, HIV/ AIDS), intimate partner violence (e.g. verbal sexual coercion, teen dating violence, revenge porn), and sexual messaging across popular culture contexts (e.g. Hip Hop, reality television, social medias).