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    Associate Professor of Psychology, Florida International University
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    Intersectional Explorations
    Identity ~ Culture ~ Health Inequalitites
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    Connecting the
    Personal .
    & Political
    Disseminating Research to Serve the Communities it Comes From
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    Lift as You Climb
    Creating a Collaborative & Supportive Research Environment For the Next Generation of Scholars


Exploring the intersections between cultural identities, and health inequities to improve communities we study.


Fostering academic excellence through interdisciplinary knowledge, and inclusive learning environments.


Using my skills, knowledge and privledges to advance relationships and build bridges across diverse contexts.

Areas of Research Interest

Drawing from training in human development, women's studies and ethnic studies, my research examines the ways in which culture informs individuals' sexual health decision making processes and outcomes. With a particular focus on the relevance of gender and ethnic/ racial identity development, I have examined intimate partner violence (IPV), sexually transmitted infections (e.g. HPV and HIV/ AIDS), and sexual messaging in popular culture using a non- deficit approach. The results from these works have been disseminated in both academic and community settings.

    I strive to ignite students' interests in learning these issues by applying it to their "real life" experiences. This helps students recognize the need to become informed sufficiently so that they can use their education to improve the world they live in. Toward this end, I encourage students to take advantage of research training, study abroad programs, and service learning opportunities to enhance their academic journey. I seek to expand students’ critical skills set so that they engage in creative problem solving.

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