• Checking In: Initiating Difficult Dialogues to address UREM Pharmacy Students' Needs

    October 21, 2020
    This presentation will outline the best mentoring practices for underrepresented and marginalized students based upon the recent research.
      University of Houston College of Pharmacy
    • (Virtual due to Covid- 19)


  • Mental Health & Fashion…The IT Factor & COVID-19

    October 17, 2020
    This panel presentation for Paris Fashion Week explores the ways in which the Covid Pandemic is affecting the mental health of individuals working in the fashion industry.
    • (Virtual due to Covid- 19)


  • Foremothers Award for Excellence in Mentoring

    August 6, 2020
    This award from the American Psychological Association Division 35 Psychology of Black Women Section celebrates Black women’s commitment to supporting the growth and development of students, peers, and/or colleagues in their professional careers. Psychology professionals who demonstrate significant contributions in the area of mentorship, particularly as it relates to encouraging Black women in psychology across the academic pipeline as a mentor are recognized by this honor. I received this award for creating professional access and opportunity, developing community networks, providing one one one professional support, and advocating for students, peers, and/or colleagues.   
      American Psychological Association; Division 35, Section 1
    • (Virtual due to Covid- 19)


  • Qualitative RESEARCH STUDY DESIGN & DATA ANALYSIS FOR Global Health ResearchERS

    July 23- 25, 2020
    The  virtual workshop introduced novice researchers to the study implementation and data analysis phases of qualitative research processes. Participants learned the basic steps for conceptualizing an analytic plan for a proposed research projects, implementation considerations, and analytical approaches for interpreting data. The use of computer software for coding and managing data was discussed; the utility of MaxQDA as a tool to help with analysis was also introduced through hands on activities..
    National Institutes for Health- Fogarty Center.
    (Virtual due to Covid- 19)

  • Seeing the Invisible: Supporting Students of Color in times of Instability & Crisis

    July 16, 2020
    The compounding national and global effects of COVID-19 and mobilization around ongoing racial injustices will continue to impact college campuses in the fall. Students of color's (SOC) narratives express feelings of isolation and intimidation around having to negotiate the impact of these compounding crises within the context of their academic experiences. This presentation highlights the unique needs of SOC during this period of instability and provides faculty concrete tools for use in both classroom and informal mentoring contexts.   
      Virginia Commonwealth University
    • (Virtual due to Covid- 19)


  • Indian, Hispanic & Black COLLEGE students' perceptions of GBV: A Reproductive Justice Lens

    December 11, 2019
    Drawing upon cross cultural qualitative data, this presentation highlights the ways in which understanding cultural cues, values and beliefs inform attitudes toward gender based violence. Central to this understanding are the ways in which peceptions of power and control shape individuals ability to intervene as bystanders.
      University of Arizona College of Public Health.
      Tucson, AZ.
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