Revolution in Film


Faculty: John Bailly


John Bailly
Honors College/ Hours by appointment

This project is designed to be in conjunction with the
 Reacting to the Past game  Rousseau, Burke, and Revolution in France 1791: Reacting to the Past by Mark C, Carnes and Gary Kates .

Reacting games are essentially games of performance and persuasion. Students attempt to get other students to support their position on any given issue through debate, logic, deceit, compromise, and fictional force. The more profound idea, however, is for students to examine their ideas and lives from a historical perspective. What do you believe and where are your convictions rooted?

For this project you will create a film to define or explore your position in relation to the difficult questions/dilemmas that arise from the French Revolution. You select the issue(s) to address and the format in which you address them. The films can take the form of a narrative, documentary, comedy, or artistic reflection. They can address very specific issues (Civil Constitution of the Clergy, the role of a King in society, right of women to bear arms) or address larger questions (What is the General Will?). Conceptually, you can take a strong and definite stand on an issue or you may create a more reflective film that poses questions rather than declares a position. You have full creative freedom, as long as you address an issue relevant to the Reacting game.

Please demonstrate a thorough understanding of the issue(s) you address.

The format of this project must a time-based media: PowerPoint, iMovie, video, film or other media. You may appropriate existing images, but they must be altered in some manner. For example, you may edit the work heavily or distort it in some manner. You may recruit actors and/or other film crew, such as an editor. However, students must assume and retain the role of directors. The film must be your ideas and you must oversee every aspect of it, but you may delegate responsibilities.

NOTE:  DO NOT simply put existing images to existing music. DO NOT include any extended, unedited clips from existing videos.

Students will work individually for this project. Each student will produce one video/slideshow for presentation to the class. It must be 3 minutes duration or less (strictly enforced).

You must upload a copy of your film onto the internet, on Facebook or Youtube (free). Please make sure to test your upload prior to attending class.

You must provide a link of your project to John Bailly. You must also provide a brief written description. 

Similar to a research paper, all sources must be cited for a film project. If you uitlize an exisiting film for inspiration or incorporate clips or pictures from someone else, you cite those sources in your film credits. Failure to do is plagiarism.

Originality of content

Originality of method
Relationship of content to method

All current FIU students can loan media equipment from University Technology Services. UTS is located on the ground floor of the Green Library.

If a student wishes to address a different issue, please discuss it with John Bailly.

What is the idea of General Will?
What was the General Will of France in 1791?
What is the General Will of the contemporary US? 
What should be the role of a King is a society? 
When is it acceptable to use force to advance an agenda?
Does God exist?
What should be the influence of religion in government? 
Under what circumstances should literature be censored?
Are women equal to men?
Is an ideological war of liberation justified? 
Should slavery be legal?