MHF 4102 - Axiomatic Set Theory   

      Contains the name of the textbook, prerequisites for the course, relevant sections of the
      textbook, exam policy, schedule of exams, grading scheme, and other pertinent information.

      Contains the list of the assigned Homework Problems (handwritten)  for the course and the
      Supplementary problems (from the text).   You can find solutions to the Assigned Homework
      problems by asking for the binder RESB 306.09 at the circulation desk in the UP Library.

      Homework Problems                                Solutions to the Homework Problems


       Contains the  two projects (Project #1 and Project #2) that are worth a total of 50 points


Old class notes (circa 1995):

       Set Theory Notes - Part 1                           Set Theory Notes - Part 2

Review Sheets
The Review sheets for the Final just consists of the reviews for Test  #1 & Test #2

        Test #1 Review                                             Test #2 Review



Old Sample Tests
You can also find more older sample tests by asking for the binder RESB 306.09
       at the circulation desk, UP Library
       Spring  2004 Test #1                     Spring 2004 Test #2      
       Spring  2007 Test #1                     Spring 2007 Test #2
       Spring 2009 Test #1                      Spring 2009 Test #2

Miscellaneous mostly irrelevant stuff:


Before Set theory                    During Set Theory                        After Set Theory