Class Time and Location

The class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00pm to 3:15pm in GC-275B.

Course Description

This course is part of the graduate microeconomic theory sequence, with a primary focus on competitive markets and general equilibrium.


Office Hours and Contact Info

If you have questions, you may ask immediately after class, or come to my office. Regular office hours are 12:30-1:45pm and 3:30-4:15pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will be happy to make an appointment for another time if that is more convenient. My office is DM-311A, my phone number is 305-348-3287, and my email is <>.

Exams and Homework

The in-class midterm will be worth 35% of your grade. The final is worth 50% of your grade.

The mid-term is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, February 27.

The final will be in our regular classroom (GC-275B) at the officially scheduled time: 12 Noon on Thursday, April 26, 2018.

Sample Exams

The material covered varies from year to year and some of the questions on previous exams may not be relevant for the material we cover this year. A few of the answers contain minor errors.

Old Midterms

Old Finals

Homework and Class Participation

Homework assignments and class participation will count for the remaining 15% of your grade. Homework assignments will appear here as they are made.

Homework Assignments

Homework assignments and answers will appear here.

Tentative Course Outline

You are responsible for the material covered in any sections of the manuscript mentioned in the outline.

The table lists the closest corresponding chapter in Mas-Colell, Whinston, and Green (MWG). In some cases, the correspondence is not very close. We will not cover all of the material in the manuscript. I will periodically update the list to mention the sections covered.

Week Dates Chapter Subject MWG Chapter
1 Jan. 9, 11 2, 3 Preference and Utility 1, 2
2 Jan. 16, 18 3 Preference Representations 2
3 Jan. 23, 25 5 Demand: The Dual Approach N/A
4 Jan. 30, Feb. 1 6 Duality Theory N/A
5 Feb. 6, 8 7 Revealed Preference N/A
5-6 Feb. 8, 13 8 Market Demand N/A
6 Feb. 13 9 Production of a Single Good 5
6-7 Feb. 15, 20, 22 10 Production Sets and Profit 5
8 Feb. 27 Midterm Midterm (up to Chap. 9) --
8-9 Mar. 1, 6 12 Competitive Equilibrium 15
9 Mar. 8 13 Equilibrium Existence 16
-- Mar. 10-18 Spring Break Vacation --
10 Mar. 20, 22 14 Pareto Optimality 16
10-11 Mar. 22, 27 15 Economic Welfare 16
11-12 Mar. 29, Apr. 3, 5 22 Equilibrium over Time 20
13 Apr. 10, 12 23 Equilibrium in Complete Asset Markets 19
14 Apr. 17, 19 23 Radner Equilibrium 19
15 Apr. 26 Final Final at 12 Noon in GC-275B