This will be an on-campus class - but the office hours will be remote via Zoom.

           Prof. Ram's Zoom Meeting ID - 722 280 1561.   Waiting Room will be enabled -

           and a Passcode may be sent to your official FIU e-mail later on.


          Contains the name of the textbook,  prerequisites for the course,  relevant sections of the
exam policy, schedule of exams, grading scheme, and other pertinent information.


          Linear Algebra with Applications (Tenth Edition) by Leon & de Pillis, Prentice Hall 2020.

           This is the textbook & it is also used by the other section - but if you cannot get it then the Alternative

          Textbook is Linear Algebra with Applications (Ninth Edition) by Stephen J. Leon, Prentice Hall 2016.

          Contains the list of all the relevant homework problems for the course (for both the 9th & 10th editions)

          Proof of Theorem 5 & Similar matrices      Supplementary problems for the fundamental subspaces of A    


         Review Sheets:

              Review for Test #1                            Review for Test #2

         Most of the questions in the exams usually come from the topics in the Review,  but

          this cannot always be so because everything we cover cannot always fit on one page.

         The Review sheets for the Final just consists of all the Reviews for Tests #1 & #2.


         Modified Class notes

            Ch.0 - Table of Contents & Preliminaries                                      

            Ch.1 - Vectors & Systems of Linear Equations (20 pages)

            Ch.2 - The Algebra of Matrices  (13 pages)

            Ch.3 - The Trace and Determinant (14 pages)     

            Ch.4 - Abstract Vector Spaces & their Bases (24 pages)

            Ch.5 - Linear Maps & their Matrix Representations (15 pages)

            Ch.6 - Orthogonality & Least Squares problems (19 pages)

            Ch.7 - Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors (12 pages)

            Ch.8 - Infinite Matrices (not included)


          Past Exams:

           Future exams cannot always be very similar to the past exams because things have to change.

             Spring 2001 Test #1,                                            Spring 2001 Test #2

             Fall  2003 Test #1,                                               Fall  2003 Test #2

            Spring 2013 Test #1,                                            Spring 2013 Test #2

            Spring 2014 Test #1,                                            Spring 2014 Test #2

            Spring 2016 Test #1,                                            Spring 2016 Test #2

             Fall  2020  Test #1                                               Fall  2020  Test #2

             Fall  2021  Test #1                                               Fall  2021  Test #2


             Learning Assistant (GTA) (Click on the name for a photo - when available)

             The LA for the class is Miss Tatiana SUMMERALL,   e-mail:    

             LA HOURS: 11:00am - 1:00 pm & 1:30pm - 2:30pm, on Mon. & Wed. in or near DM 409A.

             She may be able to answer a few short e-mail questions that you may have during her

              designated hours provided she is not currently helping another student.


            Tutoring services:     

            You can also get help in Mathematics from the FIU Centre for Academic Success, GL 120,  MMC.

            You can make appointments by calling 305-348-2441. For more information check out the link below