MAP 2302 - Ordinary Differential Equations

       Contains the name of the textbook, prerequisites for the course, relevant sections of the textbook,
       exam policy, schedule of exams, grading scheme, and other pertinent information.




     OFFICIAL TEXTBOOK: Fundamentals of Differential Equations (9th edition) by

     R. Kent Nagle,  Edward B. Saff, and  Arthur D. Snider (Pearson Publishers, 2018)



Below are the homework problems for this course.   A few more problems may be added and a

few may be deleted later on.   It is important that you attempt all the assigned homework problems.


Review Sheets:                               
            Review for Test #1                          Review for Test #2                       Review for Test #3
  Calculus I & II Review                    Sol to 2.3 #38-41 on p.59            Sol to 4.1D #7on p.132      

           ODEs with regular singular points     Example of an ODE with discontinuous RHS    


            The Review sheets for the Final just consists of all the Reviews for Tests #1, 2, & 3  


Modified Class notes

            Ch.0 - Table of Contents and Preliminaries                        

            Ch.1 - Basic concepts in differential equations & 1st-order ODEs (22 pages) 

            Ch.2 - Applications of First-order ODEs to problems in nature     (14 pages)    

            Ch.3 - Sol. to linear higher-order ODEs with constant coefficients (22 pages)      

            Ch.4 - Applications of linear higher-order ODEs with const coeff  (07 pages)   

            Ch.5 - Laplace Transform sol. of Linear ODEs with const coeff    (19 pages)

            Ch.6 - Series solutions of linear ODEs with variable coefficients    (19 pages)

            Ch.7 - Systems of linear ODEs and matrices - not in the course

            Ch.8 - The phase-plane method  & non-linear ODEs- not in the course



Past exams:   The future exams cannot always be very similar to past exams for things change.     

             Spring 2006 Test#1                          Spring 2006 Test #2                        Spring 2006 Test #3
            Fall  2006  Test#1                            Fall  2006  Test #2                          Fall  2006  Test #3
            Fall  2008  Test#1                            Fall  2008  Test #2                          Fall  2008  Test #3   

            Spring 2013 Test #1                         Spring 2013 Test #2                       Spring 2013 Test #3         

            Fall  2013  Test#1                            Fall  2013  Test #2                          Fall  2013  Test #3
            Spring 2017 Test #1                         Spring 2017 Test #2                       Spring 2017 Test #3

            Spring 2018 Test #1                         Spring 2018 Test #2                       Spring 2018 Test #3
            Spring 2022 Test #1                         Spring 2022 Test #2                       Spring 2022 Test #3

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